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“Stefan has been our employment law attorney since 2007.  He has advised us regarding a range of HR matters involving employee disabilities and leaves of absence, various wage and hour issues, performance management and employee discipline.  He also has advised us regarding the development and implementation of a comprehensive employee policy manual and helped us implement measures to better protect the confidential and proprietary information of the company and its clients, as well as the private information of our clients’ patients.  In addition, Stefan has guided us through several sensitive employee terminations, including by preparing appropriate separation release agreements to ensure the employees in question did not later turn around and try to sue the company.  Stefan is both extremely knowledgeable about employment law and passionately committed to protecting the interests of his clients.”


– Mike K., Chief Financial Officer of a management and staffing company for surgeons and surgery centers


“Stefan has been an excellent employment attorney to us for many years.  When he started his own Firm, we were one of the first clients in line to use his services.  In addition to excellent legal advice, Stefan also conducted our harassment training session for all of our supervisors last year.  Stefan is a total expert in this area of the law, and he provided wonderful training by bringing to life real world situations and teaching us how to run a modern California company.  I wouldnt hesitate to recommend Stefan to any of my friends…and in fact in a number of cases, I already have!”


– David R., CEO and Co-Owner of the nation’s 3rd largest audio visual systems integration company


“I began working with Stefan soon after I was hired as the companys General Manager.  Stefan not only helped us favorably resolve alleged class action wage and hour claims by several employees by taking swift action to protect the company’s interests but also helped us implement a series of policies, procedures and forms to protect the company from such claims going forward.  In addition, with Stefan’s counsel, we were able to successfully address a long-time employee theft problem, remove several unproductive employees from the workforce, navigate several complicated FMLA and disability issues, and investigate and respond to sexual harassment complaint in a way which satisfied the complaining employee.  In each of these situations, Stefan always focused on solutions that both met the company’s objectives and minimized the company’s legal exposure.  He is very easy to work with and promptly returns phone calls and emails.”


– Anthony B., General Manager of a Southern California open air market/swap meet