Customized Employment Agreements and Personnel Forms

In order for employers to be successful in dramatically reducing their risk of exposure to employment-related claims and liabilities, they must have a solid understanding of the federal, state and local laws and regulations which impact their business. Armed with this knowledge, an organization is able not only to achieve compliance with applicable law but also to proactively put into place preventive strategies that better protect the organization’s interests, while significantly reducing the risk of employment-related claims.

An essential strategy for achieving this success begins with the proactive implementation and regular updating of policies, procedures, practices and personnel forms that address a wide-range of employment-related issues – from recruiting, to hiring, to performance management, to termination – and everything in between. In formulating such policies, procedures, practices and human resources forms, it is vital that meaningful consideration be given to the unique aspects of each organization. A failure to do so or otherwise utilizing a “one size fits all” approach will undermine the very efforts being made to reduce the organization’s risk.

At Miller Legal Group, P.C., we take the time to understand every client’s business and business needs so we can customize policies, procedures, agreements and HR forms that best enable each client: 1) to achieve compliance with applicable law; 2) to protect its interests; and 3) reduce the risk of exposure to employment-related liabilities. The following are among the various areas for which we not only provide employment law and HR consulting services but also develop policies, procedures, agreements and forms:

  • Employee recruiting, interview and screening forms
  • Employment applications
  • “At-will” offer letters
  • Employment contracts
  • Commission, bonus and various sales-related agreements
  • Orientation and other related hiring forms
  • Employee handbooks and policy manuals as well as managers’ guidelines
  • Confidentiality, non-disclosure and trade secret protection agreements
  • Assignment of Inventions Agreements
  • Non-solicitation of customer agreements
  • Non-solicitation of co-employees agreements
  • “Bring Your Own Device” programs
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Consulting services agreements
  • Agreements to arbitrate employment disputes
  • HIPAA confidentiality agreements
  • Wage and hour policy acknowledgment for non-exempt employees (addressing rest breaks, meal periods, overtime, make-up time and accurate time reporting and pay)
  • Time sheet forms
  • Time sheet acknowledgment forms for each pay period (certifying that employee was provided all rest breaks and meal periods, that all time worked has been recorded, etc.)
  • On-duty meal period agreements
  • Meal-period waivers
  • Make up time request forms
  • Rest break and meal period premium request form
  • Agreements authorizing set-offs against wages for monies an employee legitimately owes to the employer
  • Various other wage and hour related forms
  • Job descriptions
  • Employee complaint forms
  • Performance evaluations
  • Notice of disciplinary action and/or corrective counseling forms
  • Injury and illness prevention programs
  • Time off request forms
  • FMLA/CFRA and other leave of absence forms, including pregnancy disability
  • Disability accommodation forms
  • Personnel and payroll records request forms
  • Notice of change in status (required by EDD)
  • Final paycheck acknowledgment
  • Exit interview forms
  • Separation agreements, including waiver and release of claims
  • Hiring & termination guidelines
  • Workplace violence guidelines

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