Drug Testing and Substance Abuse

Drug and alcohol testing have increasingly become a vital management tool for identifying potentially problematic prospective employees, promoting workplace safety and workplace security and improving job efficiency and overall job performance.

At Miller Legal Group, P.C., we draft and review drug and alcohol testing and substance abuse policies to ensure compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations and advise employers concerning the legal issues, requirements and obligations imposed by those laws and regulations.  For example, we advise employers about the different types of workplace drug and alcohol testing (e.g., pre-hire testing, “reasonable suspicion” testing, random testing), including providing an objective assessment of the potential benefits and risks of conducting such tests.

We also advise employers about appropriate disciplinary action and/or available rehabilitative alternatives after an employee has violated a company’s substance abuse policies.  To this end, we draft “last chance” or other similar agreements for violators of substance abuse policies, including for employees who agree to enter treatment and rehabilitation programs.

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