Innovative Fee Options

We Offer Reasonable Rates and Non-Traditional Billing Arrangements

Miller Legal Group, P.C. prides itself on providing small to medium-sized companies with high quality legal services and representation demanded by Fortune 500 companies but at a substantially lower cost.  To this end, Miller Legal Group, P.C. offers a variety of innovative, alternative fee options – including flat fees, fixed fees, hybrid fixed/hourly fees, and retainer agreements (e.g., monthly, quarterly or annual) – which can be tailored to better meet the needs and objectives of our clients by providing more predictability and control of applicable legal costs.

We also continue to offer reasonable traditional hourly billing rates.  At the time of our initial meeting with a new client, we will endeavor to ascertain the client’s needs and objectives and come up with one or more billing arrangements that best meet those needs and objectives.

Another affordable option we offer employers to help them achieve the goals of compliance, prevention and litigation avoidance is through a unique program we call:  My Outside General Employment Law Counsel™.  Under this program, eligible businesses and organizations of all sizes have the option of retaining our firm on a fixed fee basis as their outside general employment law counsel, a role in which we will oversee and handle both your company’s day-to-day as well as strategic employment law matters, serve as a de facto member of or advisor to your senior or executive management team, and, to the extent applicable, oversee and manage your company’s employment litigation matters being handled by outside counsel.

Moreover, with our fixed fee approach, you won’t have to worry about every consultation and contact with our office being billed on an hourly basis.  For more information about our My Outside General Employment Law Counsel™ program, please click here.

In addition to the foregoing, we also prepare a variety of customized agreements and forms – many at discounted flat fee and fixed fee rates – which are critical to achieving compliance and protecting an employer’s interests.

Our Goal:  To Provide Every Client with Value Driven Services

The value represented by our innovative fee options enables employers to implement more effective and more comprehensive prevention and litigation avoidance strategies and, in turn, to better protect themselves against the risk of employment-related litigation and government agency audits and investigations. Moreover, our innovative fee options enable participating members to achieve greater certainty and have greater control over the legal costs necessary to minimize the risk of employment-related claims.

In the event that our existing fee options do not adequately fit a given client’s particular needs and/or objectives or those needs and/or objectives change over time, we will continue explore other options in order to come up with a workable solution that is a “win, win” for all. In short, we are determined to deliver value to every client and to come up with solutions that are fair and ensure that our clients obtain the value they are seeking.

Substantially Reduced Hourly Rates for Independent Workplace Investigations

In addition to the legal services we offer, we also conduct independent fact-finding investigations  of alleged workplace misconduct and public agency activities.  Fees for conducting a workplace investigation depend on a variety of factors which impact the scope of the investigation, including but not limited to the number of complainants, witnesses and documents involved; the nature and extent of allegations involved; the extent to which the various participants’ versions of events conflict; the extent to which additional follow up is required for a thorough investigation; the nature and extent of concluding report(s) desired by the employer; whether recommendations regarding corrective and/or disciplinary action are requested by the employer; etc.

Accordingly, we bill our time by the hour.  Nonetheless, we offer significantly reduced hourly rates for the conduct of independent workplace investigations and we provide an initial estimated budget as soon as there is adequate information to assess the above-referenced factors.  For more information about these services, please click here.

Review of Executive Employment Agreements and Severance/Separation Agreements

For those senior executives and professionals considering an offer of employment from a prospective employer or severance agreement from a current employer, we will – in the absence of a conflict of interest – review and analyze the terms and conditions of such written agreements and discuss our recommendations with you on a flat fee basis. As part of this process, we will explain the meaning of the terms and conditions of the offer or agreement, your rights and obligations based on those on those provisions (including potential areas of concern), modifications or additions you might seek to obtain, and available strategies to achieve your objectives.

Our flat fees for these services generally are as follows:

  • Under 6 pages: $550
  • Under 9 pages: $750
  • Under 12 pages: $950
  • 12 to 16 pages: $1,150
  • 17 or more pages: TBD

*** Flat fee includes a telephone consultation of up to one hour.

Redrafting of existing positions or of new provisions and any additional counseling regarding strategy or other issues is performed on an hourly basis, albeit at a reduced hourly rate.

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Contact a Torrance Labor and Employment Law Attorney

To obtain more information about our innovative fee options or to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced Los Angeles and Orange County HR law attorney at Miller Legal Group, P.C., please contact us at our South Bay employment law firm by e-mail or by telephone at (310) 426-2650.