Safety and Health

Companies are subject to a variety of federal, state and local health and safety rules and regulations and failing to comply with those rules and regulations can result in both civil and criminal liability for both the companies and, in some cases, their individual managers. In addition, health and safety issues, including work-related injuries and illnesses, can have a significant impact on both the productivity and profitability of a business.

Accordingly, it is vital that companies take steps to educate themselves about, understand and ensure compliance with the rules and regulations that apply to their businesses and develop and implement sound health and safety measures. Failing to do so can expose companies to a significant risk of legal liability.

What Can We Do to Help Protect Your Company?

Miller Legal Group, P.C. advises companies about applicable health and safety requirements under the federal and California Occupational Health and Safety Acts (OSHA and Cal/OSHA) and help them satisfy their legal obligations.  We also draft and review written workplace safety rules, relevant health and safety provisions in employee handbooks, injury and illness prevention programs (IIPP), heat illness prevention programs, and other related workplace hazard identification and prevention programs in compliance with applicable law.  Likewise, we advise and represent companies in connection with investigations and citations by and proceedings before various governmental administrative agencies.

In addition, we advise companies about a variety of workers’ compensation issues, including those related to light duty work and leaves of absence. Likewise, we defend companies who fail to secure workers’ compensation insurance as well as those who find themselves the subject of workers’ compensation claims for which there often is no insurance coverage including claims of discrimination and retaliation pursuant to California Labor Code, Section 132a, as well as claims of alleged “serious and willful” misconduct pursuant to California Labor Code, Section 4553.

Additionally, we assist employers to establish and implement substance abuse testing and prevention programs, as well as policies and procedures addressing violence in the workplace.

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