AB 1825 Sexual Harassment Prevention and Other Workforce Training Workshops

The Key to Preventing Employment-Related Problems:  Be Proactive!

An employer’s best defense against the employment related claims is to proactively implement preventive measures designed to avoid and/or mitigate such risks. This, in turn, will better enable employers to defend against or even avoid the high cost of employment litigation and instead to focus their time and efforts on running their businesses.

Training employees – and in particular management/supervisory level employees – is a vital preventive measure for an employer to take in order to ensure that employees at all levels understand not only what their obligations are but also that their acts or omissions can impact the liability of their employer and can, in certain instances, result in personal liability against them. Miller Legal Group, P.C. recommends that employers regularly train all employees on an employer’s policies and procedures and provide focused, in depth training for management/supervisory level employees not only about how to implement and ensure compliance with those policies and procedures but also to recognize and timely respond to and document performance and misconduct issues.

Harassment and Discrimination Awareness and Prevention Training

Harassment, discrimination and retaliation issues are perhaps the most common and important issues on which employees should be regularly trained, as employers have an affirmative duty mandated by statute to prevent harassment and discrimination in the workplace and to take appropriate corrective actions to end it. Drawing on its years of experience and expertise, Miller Legal Group, P.C. will train your employees, including members of management and supervisors: 1) to understand the statutory obligations of they and their employers; 2) to recognize conduct which is inappropriate for the workplace; and 3) to understand and timely take the steps required to prevent and remedy situations which may lead to or be the subject of complaints of discrimination, harassment and retaliation.

California’s Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors (AB 1825)

In addition to training non-management employees about harassment and discrimination awareness and prevention, Miller Legal Group, P.C. also provides live, on site or in-person supervisor sexual harassment training workshops which comply with the requirements mandated by California Assembly Bill 1825 for employers doing in business in California that employ 50 or more employees (part-time, full-time and temporary), agents and/or independent contractors.

Customized Training Workshops, Including Sexual Harassment and Management Training

Miller Legal Group, P.C. develops customized training workshops especially tailored to a company’s particular industry as well as to the nature of its workforce and culture. Should your Company be in need of training, Miller Legal Group, P.C. offers California employers a variety of training programs and workshops – with an emphasis on management/supervisor training. Some of the training programs and workshops we offer include:

  • California’s Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training for Supervisors (AB 1825) – for management/supervisory personnel only
  • Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation Awareness and Prevention – for both management and non-management personnel
  • Identification and Administration of Leaves of Absence and Related Issues (e.g., California Family Rights Act, federal Family and Medical Leave Act, military service laws, pregnancy and other disability laws, California’s workers’ compensation laws, etc.) – for management personnel only
  • Disability Accommodation and the Interactive Process – for management personnel only
  • Performance Management, Coaching, Corrective Counseling, Discipline and Termination – for management personnel only
  • Proper Handling of Employee Complaints, Including Allegations or Evidence of Whistleblowing or Other Wrongdoing – for management personnel only
  • How to Properly Conduct a Workplace Investigation – for human resource and/or management personnel only
  • Proper Record-Keeping Procedures – for management personnel only

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Why Have Your Training Workshop Conducted by Miller Legal Group, P.C.?

While many companies offer “pre-packaged” training workshops, there is no substitute for an in-person, customized training workshop specifically tailored to your Company’s industry, workforce and culture. At Miller Legal Group, P.C., we work closely your Company to better understand your employment-related issues and objectives as well as your Company’s industry, workforce and culture and then customize the training materials accordingly.

Further, we use an interactive format that keeps participants engaged. Perhaps most importantly, however, is that our training workshops are presented by an experienced California employment lawyer who stays on the cutting edge of employment law issues impacting California employers.

At Miller Legal Group, P.C., we draw on our years of employment litigation, preventive counseling and training experience to communicate the training materials in the context of “real world” examples that allow us to highlight lessons to be learned, good and bad. Moreover, our first-hand employment law and litigation experience enables us to convey to participants – in very real terms – both the risks and the realities of litigation when our recommendations are not followed, including how the conduct of employees not only can impact the company, but also may result in their own personal liability.

In summary, our approach, customized materials and real world experience help foster a better understanding among participants of the training materials.

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